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Football Manager 2013

Welcome to our Football Manager 2013 website. We aim to bring you all of the latest information on when the game will be released as well as talk and rumours covering new features, players clubs and many more interesting topics to get you geared up for the release of Football Manager 2013 later on in the year.

Once Football Manager 2013 has been released we will also provide tips and further discussion about the game, which players to sign, teams to manage, tactics to use and further settings to customise.

Our Football Manager 2013 blog

We have started a new blog for the release of Football Manager 2013. Our blog will be the main area where we post updates and news up until the release of the game. Once the game has been released we will continue to update our blog with tips and information about Football Manager 2013.

Our blog is also a great place to interact with us about Football Manager 2013, you will be able to leave comments, ask questions, pass on your own tips and share ideas with us at the bottom of each blog post.

Football Manager 2013 new features

What new features are you looking for in 2013?

We have decided to post a few new features that we think could benefit the Football Manager 2013 game.

Have a read through our ideas and then tell us what you want to see included in the new game. We will make another updated post in our blog with all the best suggestions from our readers who left comments at the bottom of the post.

We will also add another post once the actual new features for the game have been officially confirmed. Hopefully there will be some interesting additions in there!

Stay occupied until the release of Football Manager 2013…

If you haven’t done so already then get yourself a copy of Football Manager 2012 (the current game), it’s selling really cheaply on websites like Amazon as the football season is coming to an end and the new game will be out later on in the year ready for the 2012/2013 season.

If you have already got a copy of the game then it’s a no brainer, keep on playing it until we let you know about the release of the new game. You can never get enough of Football Manager!